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Lucky Lime Leprechaun Bait (Doughnut Treats for Your Little Leprechauns)

It's finally time for that first spring holiday- St. Patrick's Day!  And it is always time for doughnuts! 

I found a recipe for Lime Doughnuts at Kim Byers Celebration Shoppe , but it wasn't quite green enough or lime enough for my tastes so I made a few changes. Lime tastes like warm weather to me so this recipe did double-duty: Leprechaun green plus a taste of sunshine and summer that I have really been craving these last couple of weeks.  

The original recipe also called for baking the doughnuts in a mini-doughnut pan.  I have a doughnut baker that I love, so either method you prefer will work. 

Lucky Lime Leprechaun Bait
Donuts: Frosting:  1/3 cup milk (low fat works fine)                         Zest of two limes 2 teaspoons lime juice                                       2 tablespoons milk                                    1 egg                                                                  1 cup powdered sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla                                          …

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